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Terms & Conditions

Initial Update & Last Updated: Dec 29, 2019 12:00 PM (GMT+5.30)

This site("Depthshow") is used for the communication with each other in all over world. This site("Depthshow") can't responsible you when unwanted activities occur on you. So, you must read below terms of service before registration on here("Depthshow").


This site("Depthshow") may use on all over world. So, you can meet variety of people on here("Depthshow"). You are always careful with them. Because, we can't surely say people on here("Depthshow") well in activities. Some of people may appear as good person. So, you should maintain your relation with control. And, don't not give any personal information such as your photo, your video or any other important data of you.


This site("Depthshow") has some of rule for creating account here("Depthshow"). Before you create an account, you should keep on mind that your age is 16 or above 16. We can't assure you that all the member here as well person. Some of guys can able to upload or share something about adult related documents. So, Your age should 16 or above 16.

Documentation and files:

This site("Depthshow") has many file is uploading by members on here("Depthshow"). CSS,JS,HTML,PHP,JPEG,JPG,PNG,GIF this kind of file that are using in this site("Depthshow") are owned to "Depthshow". There is no permission given to use these file on OUT of this site("Depthshow").
The file is uploading by the members is not owned to "Depthshow" files. They are shared or exchanged by user on here("Depthshow").


If user or you are violate our T.O.S, and if involved in any illegal actvities, they are strictly warned. Otherwise, their account will be deactivated or removed permanently. Administrator of this site("Depthshow") can able to remove your account or block your account with respect illegal activities is done by users


Your account on here("Depthsow") will be appeared till this site("Depthsow") run. Term on "Action" will happen on you if you are involved on illegal activities. The blocking of your account on here("Depthsow"), some unwanted activities such as hurt any one person on here by words, abusing documents of any one person on here("Depthsow").

Terms of Service Updates:

We will update our term of service depending upon future enhancements and by other. We will send the term of service updates to users who are having account with us. And, old term of service will be archived after term of service released.

If you are not like above these terms, please, you may go now from this site("Depthshow").

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.