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Privacy Policy

Initial Update & Last Updated: Dec 29, 2019 01:20 PM (GMT+5.30)

We described the privacy policy of this website below. In below, "we", "our", "us", "here" refers to "Depthshow" and its relevant services. "you", "your", "yours", "user", "their" refers who use our website and our service. Please read carefully the below privacy policy.

User Account & their safety:

We will never disclose your account with us to anyone of outside this site without your knowledge. The name used for "username" may be publically displayed across the website. Other that, you can control your privacy from account settings. If you are not willing to control your privacy here, we are not responsible if you have lost any information about you.

Sensitive Data & Information:

This site("Depthshow") will not ask any sensitive data & information from you, like Credit Card info, bank account details. We are also strictly warn the user don't do to share these kind of data here. We may ask your credit card info for purchasing our services. And, we will not store that details on our database anymore.


Cookies is like software data/file which is stored in user's browser to identify user or some other functionality like maintaining some restriction to use some of the services. Here, we will use cookie to identify the logged person who are having account with us. To perform this website more efficiently, we will use cookie in some services. But, we will not use these kind of cookies for other activities like tracking you over the internet.

Ads & Tracking:

Our main aim is to provide our service as possible as free to you. So, we will maintain to deliver our free service wihout any tracking or any kind of ads prospective. And, we will never track you over the internet. And, we will never share your data to other third parties services to provide personalized ads.

Privacy Policy Updates:

We will update our privacy policies depending upon future enhancements and by other. We will send the privacy policy updates to users who are having account with us. And, old privacy policy will be archived after new privacy policy released.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.